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Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch Fall 2023

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Species Composition
August 30th to December 31st

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Daily Counts

Black Vulture
Turkey Vulture
Golden Eagle
Northern Harrier
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Cooper's Hawk
American Goshawk
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Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch Fall 2023

Waggoner’s Gap Hawkwatch has been owned and operated by Audubon Pennsylvania since 2001. Its acquisition was made possible by the Erdman Trust and Natural Lands Trust, ensuring that hawkwatching, education and scientific monitoring will continue in perpetuity. Season: August 1 – December 31


From the North/East: Take I-81 south to Middlesex/New Kingstown Exit 52. Turn right on Rt 11 south toward Carlisle. In about 0.6 miles, turn right at light on North Middlesex Rd (Arby’s is on the right hand corner). Follow N. Middlesex Rd to a “T” with Rt 944/Enola Rd (watch your speed). Make a left on Rt 944 west. Follow Rt 944 west as makes a left turn briefly joining Rt 34, and then a right turn as it continues west. Continue following Rt 944 west for 5 more miles to a stop sign at the intersection with Rt 74/Waggoner’s Gap Rd. Turn right onto Rt 74 and go 2 miles up the mountain, being careful on the 90° turns. The north parking lot is on the right, 200 yards beyond the hairpin turn at the crest of the mountain. From Pa Turnpike: Take Exit 226/Carlisle. Follow Rt 11 north for a very short distance to the light at N Middlesex Road; Arby’s is on the left corner. Make a left on N. Middlesex Rd. Follow directions above. From Gettysburg/Dillsburg: Take Rt 15 north to Rt 74 north at Dillsburg. Turn left following Rt 74 north through Carlisle to the mountain. (Watch for several turns as Rt 74 changes from York Road to High Street to College St to Waggoner’s Gap Rd.) As you ascend the mountain, be careful on the 90° turns. The north parking lot is on the right, 200 yards beyond the hairpin turn at the crest of the mountain. From I-81 South: Take I-81 north to exit 47A—Rt 34 north/Hanover St. Turn left onto Rt. 34 north. At the square in Carlisle, turn left onto Rt. 74 north/W. High St. Continue follow 74 north as it makes a right turn at the light, becoming College St. Continue on Rt 74 as it makes a left turn, becoming Waggoner’s Gap Rd. Follow to the mountain. As you ascend the mountain, be careful on the 90° turns. The north parking lot is on the right, 200 yards beyond the hairpin turn at the crest of the mountain. Parking: The north parking lot is located along RT 74/Waggoner’s Gap Road, 200 yards north of the hairpin turn at the crest of the mountain. If the gate is locked, you may park at the gate but please don’t block it. Please be mindful that the parking lot can become very crowded on autumn weekends. Note that a few inches of snow can make the parking lot impassible. Trails: From the parking area, follow the Hawk Watch trail, marked with the orange falcon blaze, for a short walk to the outcrop. After a few minutes, this trail will split. The lower trail that veers to the right is less steep and circles below the outcrop and approaches it from the west. Along this section of trail visitors will find a series of interpretive signs that introduce the 16 species of raptors seen at Waggoner’s Gap. If you continue straight at the split, the trail is steeper and leads straight up to the outcrop. Further along the (steeper) Hawk Watch trail is the intersection with the Songbird Trail, marked with yellow songbirds. This trail follows the ridge east to the East Rocks Overlook, a smaller rock outcrop. Visitors can circle back to the parking lot by following the combined Songbird/Tuscarora Trail from the East Rocks Overlook.

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