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Lake McDonald Lodge Hawk Watch 2023

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Lake McDonald Lodge Hawk Watch 2023

In celebration of the Year of the Bird (2018), Glacier National Park launched a new Hawk Watch Program where park biologists teach volunteers how to count migrating raptors. Each year, Golden Eagles migrate from northern breeding grounds to warmer climates. One of the most important North American Golden Eagle migration routes passes directly through Glacier National Park along the Continental Divide. Large numbers of other raptors also use this migration corridor during the fall and spring months.


The site near Lake McDonald Lodge is accessible by road and will focus on counts of migrating golden eagles during October from 12 to 4 PM daily. If fire conditions do not allow access to this area, alternate sites may be identified.

Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park Citizen Science Program engages park visitors, students, and staff in collection of scientific information that would otherwise be unavailable to resource managers and researchers. Since 2005, the Citizen Science Program has invited members of the public to assist in biological research while recreating in the park.

About the Data

All data displayed on this site are preliminary and have not yet undergone quality control. Written permission is required to use the data.

The program is made possible by the generous support of the Glacier National Park Volunteer Associates and the Glacier National Park Conservancy.