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Cut Bank Hawkwatch 2023

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Cut Bank Hawkwatch 2023

The site is situated above the Cut Bank Creek, approximately 40 miles East of East Glacier, Montana - as the hawk flies. This count is heavy on open-country birds, and a smattering of everything else. In particular, you like watching Rough-legged Hawks and Harlan's Hawks flying overhead, low and close - come here in October. It's awesome. The site was casually observed by local raptor biologists in 2016 and 2017. The CBHW partnered with HawkWatch International to count two full seasons in 2018 and 2019. After a hiatus in 2020, we are delighted to have a counter on site for 3 full months, from August 15 -November 15.


The observation point is located at 615 W. Main Street in Cut Bank, MT, in the northwest corner property of the Northern Village Shopping Center. The best days to visit are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Take US Route 2, turn into the parking lot, and head for the train trestle that crosses the coulee. Look for a small, standalone building in between the Super 8 motel and the Harvest Foods grocery store. The sign will either say Sweetgrass Physical Therapy or Ideal Option. Park in the main shopping center parking lot in front of Harvest Foods. Our counter will be on the north side of Ideal Option, or possibly standing out closer to the coulee. Please be prepared to stand, and plan for sometimes very, very windy conditions.

HawkWatch International

The mission of HawkWatch International is to conserve our environment through education, long-term monitoring, and scientific research on raptors as indicators of ecosystem health.

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